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[When the LIGHTS go OFF] -Malcolm Luther

Talk about a different sound in hip hop. Malcolm Luther (a play on the late Malcolm X and MLK Jr) comes at a full force in his debut EP. Bringing us into a world of chaos and order at the same time as Luther's flows follow the feel of every beat he graces. The wordplay and out of this worldness of this EP will bring many young fans along for the trip. After taking off a pair of Dre Beats headphones on blast you will truly feel as if you just woke from the most pleasing nightmare you ever experienced.

[Spilled Pineapples] -Citi

Coming off a rap hiatus from being in the Studio, Jersey Native Citi takes on rap unlike other female counterparts we've seen emerge. Morphing slick metaphors and catchy but manful hooks, Citi comes out Jersey strong, demanding New York attention, and an LA swag to let you know she has arrived!

[Cold days in the east] -Hass

After waiting over a year and a half since catching news about this project, "Hass" peaks back into the spotlight where he tackles many millennial issues relatable to us, while at the same time making it dope again to sing in the car on your way to work, turn up, or mellow out. While flexing his vocal abilities Hass captures us with his joyful sound, even when masked with personal topics.

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